How to reduce violence in schools- Exchange of experience and Recommendations

Several civil society organizations from Bosnia and Herzegovina financially supported by Co-operating Netherlands foundations for Central and Eastern Europe (CNF CEE) and IN Foundation, Foundation for social inclusion of children and youth in BiH (INF) carried out the projects whose main focus was to reduce the violence among school children. Projects were implemented in the schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina. After the implementation of the projects we decided to share our experience that we gained through the different models of work, aiming to reduce the violence among school children in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We presented our experience and the models of good practice was comiled at the meeting that was held in Trebinje, on March 26, 2010 and later on in Bihac on September 10, 2011. Meetings were attended  by the representatives of the following organizations (stated by alphabetic order):

  • Alfa, Bihać – School with violence
  • Centre for drama education – Power of drama against juvenile violence
  • Cultural scene Small things and Oaza, Trebinje – When you grow fast and reckless, the world becomes bigger instead of smaller
  • Hi neighbour, Banja Luka – Together for better school

As the result of those meetings we have summarised our recommendations based on our experience and results during the implementation of the projects where aiming to reduce and prevent the violence in schools in B&H.

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