Other project activities

Apart from providing support to CSOs in the aforesaid programme areas, the INF also supported a number of organisations working with children, youth and their parents, which are not part of the programme aiming to prevent violence in children’s lives.

DFF Project: Active and Equal in One’s Own Communities

Supported projects

Project: Napravimo ih sretnima - Psiho socijalna podrška djeci koja imaju ili su imala maligna oboljenja i njihovim roditeljima - Srce za djecu koja boluju od raka u FBiH, Sarajevo
Name of organization: Srce za djecu koja boluju od raka u FBiH
Address: Himze Polovine 21, Sarajevo
Project duration: 2012 – 2015
Budget: 39,107 EUR
Project overall objective:  Offer psychological and social support to sick children and their parents in order to relief the pain and suffering and to achieve the emotional balance, faster recovers and the post treatment after care. Educate the public and rising awareness regarding the cancer related illnesses and the way they can offer help and support.
Project: Tehnike bez granica - Centar za tehničku kulturu CTK, Mostar
Name of organization: Centar za tehničku kulturu CTK
Kneza Višeslava 73, Mostar
Project duration: 2012 – 2015
Budget: 20,654 EUR
Project overall objective:  Main point of the project is to create space for interaction among children (and teachers) through technical culture. The project includes several important aspects: inclusion of children from low income families, fostering of communication and collaboration of teachers for technical culture, participation of children and teachers from different ethnic backgrounds in project’s activities, popularization of technological sciences and sensitizing of local community on high importance of technical culture of young people.
Project: Resocijalizacijom do normalnog života - Ruka Ruci, Bihać
Name of organization: Ruka Ruci
Address: Dr. Irfana Ljubijankića 56, Bihać
Project duration: 2012 – 2013
Budget: 9.250 EUR
Project overall objective:  Education of students in elementary schools, Strengthening and training parents of addicts to cope with problems of addiction.
Project:Ja sam tvoj prijatelj - Familija, Tuzla
name of organization: Familija
Address: Aleja Alije Izetbegovića 18/18, Tuzla
Project duration: 2013
Budget: 11.000 EUR
Project overall objective:  Children deprived of parental care, accommodated in institutions, supported and empowered with adequate development and social skills acquisition.

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