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Day-care Nest Centres for children coming from multi-problem families have been launched in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a form of preventive and intervention programmes focusing on children aged between 6 and 15. Fourteen centres were opened in small places in BiH in order to ensure more permanent support programmes to empower children at risk to overcome difficulties and challenges in their lives more easily.

A standardised and adapted methodology focuses on building resilience, child participation and encouraging mutual support. The approach allows for individual monitoring and direct work with children.

Every centre has around 30 regular beneficiaries, three employees and around 10 active volunteers each. The centres’ activities cover the children’s parents as well, while cooperation is also established with representatives of schools and other relevant institutions providing support and protection for children at risk.

Supported Projects

Project: Day center My second home - Kriva Rijeka, Olovo
Name of organization: Kriva Rijeka
Address: Olovo
Project duration: 2016 - 2018
Budget amount approved: 101.677 EUR
Project overall objective:  To create a sustainable living center, which will provide high quality and focused support for children who come from families with multiple problems.
Projekat: Nest center Gradiška - Most, Gradiška
Name of organization:
Address: Gradiška
Project duration: 2015 - 2018
Budget amount approved: 78.045 EUR
Project overall objective:  Assistance in the process of learning and doing homework for each beneficiary. Visits to cultural and artistic events. Individual and group counseling sessions were for beneficiary, counseling for parents/guardians. Psycho-social and creative workshops.
Project: Day Center for Children Nest - Association Nest, Zenica
Name of organization: Gnijezdo
Address: Travnička cesta 42, Zenica
Project duration: 2013 - 2017
Budget amount approved: 121.170 EUR
Project overall objective:  Activities for support in doing homework. Psychosocial workshops. Free and creative activities, which should be organized by children or volunteers. Individual counseling by experts. Health promotion and preventive informations.
Project: House of laughter and tolerance - Women Grahovo Association, Bosanski Grahovo
Name of organization: Udruženje žena Grahovo
Address: Maršala Tita 16, Bosansko Grahovo
Project duration: 2013 - 2017
Budget amount approved: 122.690
Project overall objective:  Active support in learning and homework. Educational workshops, psycho-social workshops and individual work. Health promotion, prevention and basic medical care. Activities in mastering computer and internet skills.
Project: Day center for children Stolac - Association of Orchids, Stolac
Name of organization: Orhideja
Address: Kralja Tomislava bb, Stolac
Project duration: 2015 - 2017
Budget amount approved: 107.141 EUR
Project overall objective: Improving school achievement, self confidence. Reducing expression of troublesome behaviors. Preparing kids to be active and responsible citizens and parents. Improving sexual awareness and reduction in risky behavior. Raising parental awareness.
Project: Day center for children - Under the same sun, Jablanica
Name of organization: Pod istim suncem
Address: Jablanica
Project duration: 2013 - 2016
Budget amount approved: 92.926 EUR
Project overall objective:  35 children from families with multiple problems get support in a daily center. Improving behavior and grades in school. 30 kids will learn to use computer. Active participation of all children in sport activities organized by the center with the help of volunteers. Through program "My second choice" minimum of 15 youth from Daily center directed toward other NGOs. Implementing advocacy campaign with the request to include daily center into the Law on social protection of Herzegovina-Neretva canton and to introduce new budget line for social program in Jablanica Municipality.
Project: Small house for big people - Association of Citizens Budućnost, Modriča
Name of organization: Budućnost
Address: Živojina Mišića 4a, Modriča
Project duration: 2013 - 2016
Budget amount approved: 51.330 EUR
Kratak opis projekta:  Work with children on educative and creative workshops, sport and recreational activities and tutoring. Activities with parents and/or children on psychological-pedagogical counseling. Legal and social counseling and parent meetings on individual and group levels.
Project: Day Center for Children and Youth - Nada, Prijedor
Name of organization: Nada
Address: Prijedor
Project duration: 2012 - 2016
Budget amount approved: 52.071 EUR
Project overall objective:  Functional Daily Center for children at risk is established. Improved results that children achieve at school. Achieving positive changes in behavior of children (improving communication with parents, teachers, peers, less alcohol consumption; reduced aggression towards members of the narrower and wider social environment, better emotional control). Empowering parents/guardians to overcome existing problems or some form of behavioral disorders.
Project: Nest center Ljubija - Youth centre Ljubija, Ljubija
Name of organization:
Youth centre "Ljubija"
Address: Hasana Kikića bb, Ljubija
Project duration:
 2012 - 2016
Budget amount approved: 39.740 EUR
Project overall objective:
Contribution to the improvement in the quality of living, and development of new possibilities for children coming from families facing multiple problems in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Project: Daily center for children of Zenica - Pomirenje, Zenica
Name of organization: Pomirenje
Address: Travnička cesta 42, Zenica
Project duration: 2013 - 2015
Budget amount approved: 58.632 EUR
Project overall objective:  Making individual plan for each child included in the Center.  Establishing monitoring system. During children stay at the center they are able to participate in some of the following activities: support in doing homework, psycho-social workshops, free and creative activities, individual counseling by experts, health promotion and prevention information.
Project: Nest center - Dar Prirode, Novi Grad
Name of organization: Dar Prirode
Address: Karadjordja Pretrovica 73, Novi Grad
Project duration: 2011 - 2015
Budget amount approved: 56.785 EUR
Project overall objective: Strengthened and significantly sustainable DC offers daily services for at leas 30 children and in such way prevent inappropriate behavior and affirm positive values.
Project: Today children, tomorrow parents - Prijateljice, Tuzla
Name of organization: Center for education and rehabilitation Prijateljice
Address: 2. tuzlanske brigade 19/1, Tuzla
Project duration: 2011 - 2014
Budget amount approved:
27.680 EUR
Project overall objective: Center that becomes safe place for stay, learning and quality growth and development in accordance with social values for 30 children from families with multiple problems.
Project: Nest center - Center for education and rehabilitation, Čelinac
Name of organization: Center for education and rehabilitation Čelinac
Address: Vojvode Mišića 25, Čelinac
Project duration: 2012 - 2014
Budget amount approved: 22.613 EUR
Project overall objective: Provide better psycho social development of children from families with multiple problems. Have better social integration in peer group and social inclusion for children from families with multiple problems. Adequate and timely and animated institutions, associations and organizations in the local community.
Project: Caterpillar center - Children's Day Care Center, Trebinje
Name of organization: Children's Day Care Center
Address: Sjeverni logor bb, Trebinje
Project duration: 2012 - 2013
Budget amount approved: 15.740 EUR
Project overall objective: Improved overall school record of the children, users of this Center for 50% and decreased socially unacceptable behavior. To include 7 new downtown children into the center.

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