Preventing peer violence in school settings

The programme aims to reduce the rate of peer violence among school children by raising awareness and sensitivity to the problem, reducing the level of tolerance to violence and initiating cooperation between students, teachers, expert staff and parents.

Preventive measures are based on early problem detection and on the change of attitudes and behaviour by using different approaches and models of work. The programme also aspires to establish support networks in order to create a safer and more stimulating school environment.

By expanding the knowledge of teachers and expert staff in schools, we further empower them to give an adequate and timely response to the occurrence of violence in schools. Project activities also include working with children and parents and providing support to the children who are either victims or perpetrators of peer violence.

In the wider community, the programme aims to develop policies for the prevention and protection of children from peer violence through cooperation with the non-governmental sector. Application and enforcement of these policies is ensured through building school staff competencies in order to achieve sustainability in the prevention of peer violence in the school setting.

Supported Projects

Project: Stop peer violence in school - Leptir, Bugojno
Name of organization: Leptir
Address: Ciglane I bb
Project duration: 2013 - 2017
Budget amount approved: 54.761,77 EUR
Project overall objective: Establishing cooperation and partnership with educators and administrative staff of 12 primary schools and the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture CBC. Education of teaching staff and education of parents of 12 primary schools from Bugojno, Vitez and Travnik. Educating and informing students about the problem of inter-religious violence and its various forms, as well as improving social and communication skills in nonviolent conflict resolution.
Project: Let's help children to live without violence - Lara, Bijeljina
Name of organization: Lara
Address: Beogradska 38, Bijeljina
Project duration: 2013 - 2017
Budget amount approved: 49,404 EUR
Project overall objective: Professionals and teaching staff finished training on non-violent communication. Students have gained new knowledge and skills in non-violent communication, conflict resolution and the development of creative thinking. Parents are familiar with peer violence and the best way to communicate with their children on the subject. Children are familiar with the work of three relevant institutions (Center for Social Work, Police, Ombudsman for Children's Rights).
Project: Prevention of peer and gender based violence in elementary schools - Genesis Project, Banja Luka
Name of organization: Genesis Project
Address: Kalemegdanska 20, Banja Luka
Project duration: 2013 - 2017
Budget amount approved: 60,382 EUR
Project overall objective: Increased capacity of the school for recognizing and responding to violence: increasing the knowledge of children, teachers and parents; identify roles and responsibilities at the level of targeted schools. Establish a mechanism for monitoring violence at the school level.
Project: Cognitive behavioral treatment program for violent behavior in school children - Krila Nade, Sarajevo
Name of organization: Krila Nade
Address: Dr. Mustafe Denišića 8, Sarajevo
Project duration: 2014 - 2016
Budget amount approved: 24.710 EUR
Project overall objective: The psychological and pedagogical service at school and teachers is able to better manage cases of violent behavior. Children with a greater amount of violent behavior get skills for non-violent conflict resolution. Children who are victims of violent behavior get alternative methods of carrying stress.
Project: Program for school bullying prevention and adequate conflict management - Udruženje mladih psihologa, Mostar
Name of organization: Udruženje mladih psihologa
Address: Zalik 15C, Mostar
Project duration: 2014 - 2016
Budget amount approved: 39,922 EUR
Project overall objective: Implementation of SEL program for social and emotional competency of students in school in rural area of Mostar. Estimation of social and emotional problems with children in school "Ilići" and "Gnojnica".
Project: Power of argument rather than argument of power - Centar za kulturu dijaloga, Sarajevo
Name of organization: Centar za kulturu dijaloga
Address: Fra Anđela Zvizdovića 1, Sarajevo
Project duration: 2013 - 2016
Budget amount approved: 50.844,26 EUR
Project overall objective: Goal of the first phase is empowerment of young people across BiH to become active participants in fight against violence through activities of non formal education.
Project: Creativity against peer violence - Klub Ideja, Pale
Name of organization: Klub ideja
Address: Milan Simovic 23, Pale
Project duration: 2013 - 2014
Budget amount approved: 7,643 EUR
project overall objective:  To contribute formation of versatile, creative and self-confident personalities of primary school children through creative work in the community as prevention of peer and other violence.

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