Internet Safety

The goal of this programme is to raise awareness of children, youth, their parents and teaching staff about the ways of using the Internet more safely and responsibly. We also try to promote prevention of online violence against children committed by their peers as well as adults.

Supported Projects

Project: Our virtual reality - Hi Neighbor
Name of organisation: Hi neighbor
Address: Sime Matavulja 2, Banja Luka
Project duration: 2015 - 2017
Budget amount approved: 25.807 EUR
Project overall objective: To increase awareness of children about safe internet use among children and thus increase protection through higher level of knowledge in the six communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Project: Security and protection of children on the internet - CSI, Tuzla
Name of organisation: Centre for social inovation (CSI)
Address: Izeta Sarajlića 5 A, Tuzla
Project duration: 2013 - 2016
Budget amount approved: 26.903 EUR
Project overall objective: To raise awareness of children, young people and their parents about safer and more responsible Internet use and prevent violence of children by adults over the Internet.
Project: Development of children in the virtual environment - DUGA, Sarajevo
Name of organisation: DUGA - Društvo ujedinjenih građanskih akcija
Address: Petra Tiješića 10, Sarajevo
Project duration: 2013 - 2016
Budget amount approved:  39.149 EUR
Project overall objective:  Empowering teachers with new knowledge and skills. Creating climate in witch children feel encouraged to communicate about the virtual environment and their leisure time.
Project: Raising-awareness camaign for Combating hate speech Online - MOTUS ADULESCENTI, Istočno Sarajevo
Name of organisation: MOTUS ADULESCENTI
Address: Stefana Nemanje 13, Istočno Sarajevo
Project duration: 2013 - 2014
Budget amount approved: 12.980 EUR
Project overall objective:  Raising awareness and spreading information on the problem of (ab)use of internet and social networks in general, especially related to the human rights protection; Spreading information about the influence of virtual life and the necessity of respect and protection of personality and personal data on the internet; Raising awareness about the significance of the internet as a tool  for education and advancing, through promoting media and internet literacy.

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Internet Safety

IN foundation has continued supporting two existing projects in the field on ‘Internet safety”. ...