Preventing gender-based violence

This subprogramme operates in two segments. One segment is implemented in schools as part of the prevention programme and its goal is to raise the students’ awareness of gender equality and equity through training of students and teachers, and promote and nurture the relations of gender equality and respect.

The support programme for secondary school students who have negative experience in intimate relationships was also launched in the scope of this initiative. Interventions include education of peer counsellors, mapping of support services and provision of expert counselling support to secondary school students so that they can have higher quality and safe intimate relationships. The basis for such an intervention was formed after a survey that showed that nearly 70% of youth under the age of 18 experienced gender-based violence in intimate relationships.

The other segment is implemented through youth initiatives in rural parts of BiH. After training, youth are able to create and implement activities focusing on raising awareness of the presence of gender-based violence in their communities.

Supported Projects

Project: Creative Center, the Place for Prevention of Gender-based violence - Alternativa, Kakanj
Name of organization
Šehidska 5, Kakanj
Project duration:
2015 - 2018
Budget amount approved: 39.551 EUR
Project overall objective:
 Children and young people educated on gender based violence and gender stereotypes, tolerance and equality. Building capacities in high school students for assertive and better communication and relationship skills.
Project: Breaking the silence on gender based violence - Amica Educa, Tuzla
Name of organization
Amica Educa
Klosterska 13, Tuzla
Project duration:
2014 - 2018
Budget amount approved: 15.805 EUR
Project overall objective:
 Prevention of gender based violence through information, education and communication on social values that uphold equal rights and respect for all community members regardless of their gender.
Project: Prevention of gender based violence among young people - Tuzlanska zajednica, Tuzla
Name of organization: Fondacija Tuzlanska zajednica
Address: Pozorišna 13, Tuzla
Project duration: 2013 - 2018
Budget amount approved: 32.507 EUR
Project overall objective: Creating a social environment in which the professional support and assistance to young people, victims of gender-based violence in intimate relationships, available in Tuzla Canton.
Project: Violence does not reside here anymore - Li-woman, Livno
Name of organization
Gabrijela Jurkića bb, Livno
Project duration:
2012 - 2017
Budget amount approved: 31.908 EUR
Project overall objective:
 Reducing level of violence in rural areas, by promoting joint actions of all in the target area. Raise awareness about the presence of violent models of behavior in rural communities with th aim of prevention of such behaviors.
Project: Prevention of gender based violence against girls - Udruženje žena Derventa, Derventa
Name of organization: udruženje žena Derventa
Address: Nikole Tesle bb, Derventa
Project duration: 2012 - 2017
Budget amount approved: 25.379 EUR
Project overall objective:  Cooperation with principals and teacher of primary schools. Education for teachers. Students educated for peer educators. Students will be sensitized at the workshops about gender stereotypes as the cause of violence.
Project:PREVENT! (Participation, recognition, Education, Volunteering, Equality, Need, Trust) - Udruženje žene ženama, Sarajevo
Name of organization: Udruženje žene ženama
Address: Dolina 1, Sarajevo
Project duration: 2014 - 2017
Budget amount approved: 41.976 EUR
Project overall objective:  Development of a system of preventive suppression of violence in relationships of young people for high school students (second and third grade).
Project: Preventive activities on gender based violence in school - Udružene Žene, Banja Luka
Name of organization: Udružene Žene
Address: Kalemegdanska 18, Banja Luka
Project duration: 2013 - 2016
Budget amount approved: 33,154 EUR
Project overall objective: Students aged 10-13 years participated in 30 workshops in two circles, each student spent 4 school hours studying and discussing topics such as gender and sex, gender and sex roles, forms of violence and non-violent form of conflict resolution through interactive and group Work.
Project: Youth against gender based violence - Centar za edukaciju mladih, Travnik
Name of organization
Centar za edukaciju mladih - CEM
mali trg bb, Travnik
Project duration:
Budget amount approved: 12.784 EUR
Project overall objective:
 Active young people in central Bosnia are aware of causes and consequences of Gender based violence and they understand how they understand how they can systematically influence on its prevention.
Project: Elimination of stereotypes for boys and girls - Glas žena, Bihać
Name of organization
Glas Žena
Bihaćkih branilaca 15, Bihać
Project duration:
2012 - 2014
Budget amount approved: 28.618 EUR
Project overall objective:
 Pupils informed and educated in schools of rural and urban areas in Bihać and Cazin about gender based violence.

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