nultaengPilot project “Zero tolerance to violence in lives of children in rural areas“

The programme aims to contribute to the reduction of violence in the lives of children and youth in rural areas of BiH on the basis of a defined programme model.

An inclusive, participatory approach to target groups including children, youth, parents and older residents allows the collection of data in an initial survey, and then opens and examines the problem of types of violence, from domestic, to gender-based, to peer violence in selected rural communities.

During joint workshops and with the support of moderators, causes of the problem are defined, relationships of power, views and adopted norms of behaviour are examined, and answers are sought and adequate interventions offered through education, building of capacity and improvement of skills, psychological support, counselling, and assistance through services within the community. Attempts are made to foster gender equality through microfinancing in the community, while parents are given an opportunity to attend workshops for building positive parenting skills. In this way, the community defines its commitment to zero tolerance to violence.

Supported Projects

Project: My community and me for nonviolence - Omladinski centar, Gornji Vakuf
Name of organization: Omladinski centar
Address: Gradska bb, Gornji Vakuf
Project duration: 2012 - 2017
Budget amount approved: 59.208 EUR
Project overall objective:  To influence the change of cultural and traditional relational relations toward violence, in order to achieve zero tolerance to violence
Project: Nobody shall humiliate me and my friends at school
Name of organization: Li-Woman
Address: Gabrijela Jurkića bb, Livno
Project duration: 2012 - 2017
Budget amount approved: 56.013 EUR
Project overall objective:  Increase knowledge and raise awareness of parents and teachers about kinds and models of violent behavior and its inadmissibility in society. Increase knowledge and skills of teacher-bearers of activities on violence prevention in the future. Educate and provide support and strengthen children as victims o violence. Ensure safe and supportive environment in target schools.
Project: Let's grow up witch a smile - Oaza, Trebinje
Name of organization: Oaza
Address: Kralja Petra I br. 40, Trebinje
Project duration: 2012 - 2013
Budget amount approved: 9.696 EUR
Project overall objecive:  Children will gain new knowledge on integration, bringing the children together and prevention of social unacceptable behavior, overcoming differences, ways of communication as well as better establishing of human relationships.

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