Nest centres

With regards to children at risk, first INF activities in 2015 were focused on opening three new Nest centres of the third generation in BiH. and applicants  from the following organisations were positively awarded Most from Gradiska, Orhideja from Stolac and Kriva rijeka from Olovo. during the month of June three organisations have got contracts and have started with the first phase of the project – renovating and equipping space for the centre that is to start with its activities with children after the concept workshop that is scheduled for 25-27 of August  in Teslic.

All centres of the second generation reported that they are more accepted and recognised in their communities and that their cooperation with local stakeholders goes much smoother and they are treated now as partners. Nest centres of the second generation are providing services to 183 children at risk and 223 of their parents. They work with the assistance of 69 volunteers and 22 professionals.

Research team met in February in order to define additional issues and dynamics for the second phase of the research Strengths and Difficulties of Children at Nest Centres in Bosnia and Herzegovina”. By the end of the month, Nest centres of the second generation have got sets of age-adapted questionnaires for children at risk, their peers, Centres staff, teachers and parents, which have been applied afterwards.

This comparative survey in the second phase included 88 children at risk, selected on the basis of the criteria defined beforehand, and 69 of them in the reference group, comprised of their peers from the same class. Research report that was published in June 2015.