Development of positive parenting skills

Second annual conference – Let’s grow up together

At the end of the second round of the project `Support to the parents in developing and strengthening positive parental skills` In foundation organized Second Annual Conference of the B&H `Let`s grow up together` network.

Conference gathered 24 workshop leaders, in Laktasi from June 06-08, 2013. Participants exchanged experiences in their work with parents, and shared information in conducting workshops with teachers in their kindergartens, as a new activity in the second project round.

Aiming to additionally strengthen trained team leaders, trainers prepared `Skills and values in work with parents/workshop leaders `session for participants.

In foundation at the conference announced the third round of this project to be organized for the new group of professionals from B&H kindergartens, as well as additional training for certified workshop leaders. This group of selected experienced workshop leaders will become regional supervisors with the role to provide professional support to teams on the field, aiming to ensure quality of program in working with parents.