IN Foundation fundraising campaign “NEST OF LOVE”

IN Foundation is launching the fundraising campaign “Nest of Love”. The campaign starts on October 20, 2017.

The campaign aims to collect funds for program activities that support children, youth, their families as well as local communities in combating violence in the entire territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In 2018, with the funds collected, we plan to help 10 000 children in B&H to get out of the cycle of violence and have safer and more secure childhood.

We believe that it is possible to achieve these goals with our mutual efforts and that partnership between different segments of our society and nonprofit organisations can lead to sustainable social change.

We invite you to join our campaign so that we can build NESTS OF LOVE together for a better life of every child.

Get involved, only if we join our forces we can make positive changes!

Get involved and support our activities!–