Team Members

Branka 2 (002) compressedBranka Ivanović

INF Executive Director

Psychologist with extensive experience in social innovations, organisational development, programme management, psychosocial, children protection programmes, education and mental health, as well as in working with children through programmes with international organisations. Branka has considerable training experience and special professional interest in research of violence and children at risk. She is dedicated, productive and focused, with prominent organisational and managerial skills and ability to motivate, guide and inspire her team.


Bojana Delibašić Bjelić

INF Project Coordinator

Social worker with extensive experience in working with young people and children through various preventive and development programs. She has excellent communication and leadership skills, is also very creative and innovative. As a youth leader, she had opportunity to work with different, numerous groups of young people. A person with developed organizational and communication skills, team oriented.


IMG_4040 (1)Mirjana Dinek Mičić

Administrative Financial Manager

Economist with extensive experience in finance and administration, accounting and monitoring of partner organisations’ financial management. She likes working with children and in the interest of children. She is dedicated, analytical, team oriented, with good organisational skills.



Danijela Kurušić

Coordinator of the Center for support to children and family “Nest”

Gained her first professional experience in working with children at risk. Danijela is a pedagogue with experience in volunteering work with children. She has improved professional knowledge through active participation in great number of trainings and seminars for professional development. She is positive, communicative, loves team work and is focused on improving the well being of children and their growth and development.


Nataša Kovačević

Coordinator of the activities in the Center for support to children and family “Nest”

As a young professional, gained her first professional experience in working with children at risk as Coordinator of the activities. Nataša is a pedagogue with diverse theorethical and practical knowledge in working with children, especially vulnerable ones. She is creative, communicative with excellent organizational skills, open to new ideas and perspectives that will lead to better results, especially for the benefit of vulnerable groups of children and youth.

Ljiljana Radić

INF Project coordinator

Ljiljana Radic is History and Latin Teacher with professional background closely related to work in international organization, implementing projects in the area of child protection, education and life skills, community development and youth activism. With valuable experience in running program activities, Ljiljana has been working with children and youth advocating for better living conditions, especially for the most vulnerable. She is openhearted, communicative and positive, dedicated to constant learning.