Development of positive parenting skills

New project

IN Foundation is starting a six-month project. The name of the project is „Support to the parents of children in developing and strengthening positive parental skills“.

Project is based on the experience from Croatia and their initiative of developing parental skills named “Let’s grow up together” supported by the UNICEF office in Croatia.

Our primary target groups are kindergarten staff (teachers) and professionals (psychologists and pedagogues). Secondary target group are parents of younger children, especially those who need support in developing parental skills and for whom the first set of workshops will be organized. We planned to train, improve parental skills and empower approximately 400 parents who will in that way be able to support their children to grow up into healthy adults in B&H.

Main activity, education for kindergarten staff, is taking place in two regional centers in B&H: Sarajevo and Banja Luka.

Training in Banja Luka is going to be held on 28. 29. and 30. April 2011 and will gather 26 participants from Banjaluka, Bijeljina, Gradiška, Prnjavor, Čelinac, Prijedor and Novi Grad.

Training in Sarajevo will take place from 19.- 21. May 2011 and will gather 26 participants from Sarajevo, Tuzla, Gornji Vakuf/Uskoplje, Trebinje, Jablanica and Zenica.

The project starts mid April 2011 and will last for 6 months, after which the teams in selected institutions for preschool education will be able to transfer their knowledge to the parents in their local communities.