New Nest centers opened in BiH

In Foundation organized a second concept workshop for five new Nest centers in BiH, from 2-4. September 2013. NGOs, who responded to the call for proposals of INF, and have been selected as the bearers of the project, come from the Bosansko Grahovo, Jablanica, Modriča, Prijedor, and Zenica. After a three-day introductory training, Nest centers staff was given basic knowledge of the methodological approach that is developed through the previous four-year project, “Today’s children, tomorrow’s parents”

The main role of a day care center is to provide a safe space for children at risk. Through preventive activities for children, Centre provides support with the aim to strengthen self-confidence, acceptable forms of behavior, to improve school performance, position among peers, as well as to strengthen children’s involvement and participation, thus ensuring better protection of children in their immediate and wider environment. Support to children in the centers is provided in accordance with their individual needs.

Day- care centers are starting their activities with children as of September 09, 2013 and along with six centers from the first generation, they are part of the family of 11 active centers, safeguarding protection and welfare of children in BiH.