Development of positive parenting skills

The second round of the programme „Let’s grow up together“ has started

Selected staff from eight kindergartens from Brcko, Cazin, Maglaj, Vitez, Mrkonjic Grad, Zvornik, Gacko and Bratunac has taken part in the implementation of the second round of the programme „Let’s grow up together“.

In Foundation, from 20-22.09.2012, has organised educational training  for leading teams of kindergartens’ professionals coming from above mentioned locations as well as for new teams notified by kindergartes from the first project round from: Bijeljina, Sarajevo, Trebinje, Tuzla and Zavidovici.

The network of workshop leaders is now extended by 35 new members or 16 teams. The new cycle of 11 workshops for parents should start in all kindergartens as off October 15th. INF in cooperation with UNICEF B&H has printed working material for workshops with parents.