Roma children and education

Call for proposal- Roma children and education

In Foundation has focused its work into thematic field of prevention of violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Roma children are at high risk to experience violence in their lives; however, they are facing other severe problems that need to be addressed prior to prevention of violence. Getting better access to education will significantly improve their life chances and will lead towards reduced risk of violence. Too many Roma children are not attending regular schools, and if so, they are at high dropout risk before reaching the end of their primary education and obtaining their diploma.

Therefore, IN foundation is opening thematic call for proposal with a specific focus on the topic of:

Roma children and education

 Call for a proposal is open for locally registered NGOs, operating in the area of B&H, with expertise in this work-field. Preference in this call for proposal is given to Roma NGOs or NGOs in which Roma people are adequately represented in board and as staff members.

The NGOs that receive support of the Roma Education Fund (REF) will not be taken into consideration.  

 NGOs are invited to prepare project proposals focusing on improvement of preparation for school, access to (preschool) education and providing tutorial support to Roma children in the main-stream education. Organizations are encouraged to include activities with parents, like support in developing positive parental skills (some information and proposed model of work can be found on our web site: in their applications.

 Project proposals should be innovative, including methodology and interventions appropriate for the target group. Applications should be contributing to a better inclusion of Roma children in main-stream education. Mobilization of volunteers, advocating for changes in the community and promotion of active participation of beneficiary groups should be one of the key components of the project.

 Proposed budget of each applicant should be in the range of 5.000-20.000 Euros. Budgetary contribution by the applicant or by other sources is not required, but is encouraged and will be taken into consideration in the selection procedure.  

 Project duration- depending on project activities, should be up to 12 months.   

 Selection criteria: the advisory commission of the INF will select applicants on the basis of the following criteria:

–         Relevance

–         Demonstrated experience in working in the thematic area of Roma children and education, including capacity to organize and implement participatory processes and/or training of professionals

–         Proposed action and methodology

–         Demonstrated advocacy capacity and experience

–         Proposed budget

–         Motivation to cooperate with others and

–         Readiness to contribute to network activities.

All additional information, as well as application forms, including the list of required additional documents, and information about financing criteria, can be found on our web site:

Deadline for submission of applications is Monday, April 28, 2014 by 12.00 hours, by regular mail (express mail delivery is not acceptable), to our post box, as indicated in the application form.