Call for proposal for opening of Nest centers for children coming from multi-problem families-Ref.No: INFNC1/2015

In foundation is opening a call for proposal for locally registered NGOs with expertise in the work-field of violence, operating in the area of B&H, to prepare a project application focusing on the topic:

”Nest centres-daily centers for children coming from multi-problem families”.

The main aim of this programme will be to provide adequate response to this growing social problem in B&H. Breaking the cycle of violence in the lives of children in B&H will hopefully contribute to decrease of child abuse and neglect, and will reduce the risk of children, as adult, becoming victims or perpetrators of violence.
Therefore, In foundation is opening call for proposal for locally registered NGOs’, with the expertise in running activities with children and youth, to prepare project application focusing on provision of child support interventions for children coming from multi-problem families.
Project proposals should be focused on opening and running of sustainable day-centers in smaller communities in B&H. The aim of the interventions should be provision of child-focused programs along with the support and empowerment of children at risk to overcome difficult situations they encountering their daily lives, through preventive activities and continuous support interventions.
Methodology of work and interventions should be appropriate for the target group, contributing to the provision of high quality support to children coming from multi-problem families in B&H. For more information please download the Manual – How to establish and lead center for children coming from multi-problem families Prirucnik_Kako uspostaviti i voditi Centar
Mobilization of volunteers, promotion of active participation of beneficiary groups and readiness of local community to assist and support opening and running of the centers should be key components of the project.
Proposed budget of each applicant should be around 20.000-25.000 Euros, including equipment, activities and running expenditures of the centre for one year. Budgetary contribution by the applicant or by other sources, likes from local community, is encouraged and will be taken into consideration in the selection procedure.
Project duration, depending on project activities, should be 12 months. However, and in case of positive results, extension is possible till a maximum of three years. During these three years the projects are expected to work towards financial sustainability in cooperation with the authorities.
Selection criteria: Advisory commission of INF will be selecting applicants on the basis of the following criteria:
– demonstrated experience in working in the thematic area and with target group, including
capacity to organize and run centers for children at risk
– demonstrated experience in a participatory approach within projects involving children
– eligibility
– relevance
– demonstrated motivation, capacity and experience
– demonstrated capacity to get support from local community
– proposed action and methodology
– proposed budget
All additional information, like application forms, including list of required additional documents, and information about financing criteria, can be found on our web site
Call for application is opened as of December 15, 2014 and deadline for submission of applications is Monday, February 16, 2015, by 12.00 hours,by regular mail, to our post box, as indicated in the application form
In fondacija – P.P. 45, 78102 Banja Luka, Tel/fax: 051 464 460; 462 613
It is obligatory to state the referral number of call Ref. No. INFNC1/2015 on application form.
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