Prevention of gender-based violence in schools – manual for teaching and professional support staff in primary and secondary schools

The manual “Prevention of gender-based violence in schools” arose from the need to consolidate the positive experiences and good practices of civil society organizations in the field of prevention of gender-based violence, and thus making it available for teachers and professional staff in primary and secondary schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Methods and practices are developed and implemented by NGO’s in previous years through the project implemented in schools throughout the country. Those projects supported by In foundation – foundation for social inclusion of children and youth in BiH, have yielded significant results in the prevention of gender-based violence and it gave the incentive for development of this manual.

In the preparation of this manual, beside In foundation, following organizations presented their experiences and examples from practice:

  • Association “Women to Women” from Sarajevo;
  • Foundation “United Women” Banja Luka;
  • Association “Friends of Education Amica Educa” Tuzla;
  • Organization “Voice of Women” from Bihac;
  • Women’s Association “Derventa” from Derventa;

The manual contains a theoretical part, but also the results of research, examples from practice and workshops for students.

The manual is simple, practical, methodological accessible to all who want to work on the prevention of gender-based violence, to educate a new generation of young people who will build healthy and successful relationships with their peers, respecting gender equality and equity in the society in which they will take over important roles in the future.

Prevencija rodno zasnovanog nasilja u školama – priručnik za nastavno i stručno osoblje u osnovnim i srednjim školama