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The booklet Guide for Family Group Conference

The booklet Guide for Family Group Conference Model, was created for the purpose of implementing the standardization of the Family Group Conference Model (abbreviation FGC) in the education system in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The Family Group Conference is a contemporary international model that has been effective in work with children, young people and families at risk. Through family gathering, support and social network, the family activates its own forces to resolve and overcome life’s challenges and problems that it faces. Hundreds of studies and surveys in Europe have proven that the FGC model is effective in different situations and cultures.
Most of the plans adopted at the meetings (conferences) have actually been realized and the problems have been resolved and prevented. People with the problem become included in finding solution, engage their forces, and thus reduce expectations for support from professionals. We would say that the family group conference model bridges the chronic lack of adequate preventive interventions, both in the social and child care systems as well as in the educational system, while making considerable savings and using its own resources and capacities.Priručnik za primjenu modela Porodične grupne konferencije