The results of the final research of changes in children involved in the activity of daycare centers “Nest” in BiH

The purpose of daycare centers for children at risk is to contribute to a better quality of life of the children who are coming from multi-problem families, to provide them with new possibilities of development through high-quality, professional and focused support directed at children and their parents, in cooperation with all relevant local community stakeholders.

In order to review the effectiveness of this approach,  In foundation conducted the third, final research to establish any changes in the behavior of the children continuously involved in the activities at day-care Nest Centres for the last 2.5 years.

We examined and followed up the psychological domains of children related to: emotional problems, behavioral problems and peer relationship problems, hyperactivity, prosocial behavior, level of self-esteem, self-confidence and attitude towards the future.

Results of the repeated research indicate that the children at risk show a significant improvement in all measured aspects of functioning, in spite of increasing family risk factors. Result are confirming that the children’s overall functioning improved on the personal, family, school and social (peer) level and that they have come closer to their peers in that respect. The level of self-esteem is enhanced and nearly equal to the results of their peers, school performance has been significantly improved, children do cope better with their difficulties and development challenges, they show fewer behavioral problems and better regulate their emotions, and the number of children who are interested in continuing their education significantly increases.

This specific approach has proved efficient in working with children at risk. Continued support, safe environment, supportive relationships and positive learning models contribute to a more stable development and growth of these children.

Protective factors like safe and secure place, care and supporting relationship with adults, good role models, support available in critical life times and access to support service can play significant role in overcoming problems in functioning, therefore, Nest centres can play important role in preventive activities in child social environment.

Research report Strengths and Difficulties of Children at Nest Centres in Bosnia and Herzegovina – 2016