News Zero tolerance to violence in lives of children in rural areas

Establishing local multi-sectoral teams in Livno and Bosanski Brod

In partnership with Association “Li Women” from Livno and Association of women “Derventa” from Derventa In foundation held initial Livno 2meetings for establishing local multi-sectoral teams for protection and provision of support to victims of domestic and intimate partner violence. Meeting in Livno was held on March 10. 2017, meeting in Bosanski Brod was held on March 13. 2017. Representatives of ministry, local authorities, police, education, local commission for gender equality, department for social welfare, health centers and CSO attended the meetings.

During the meetings, the activities with regards to establishing local multi-sectoral teams in the municipalities of Livno and Bosansko Grahovo were presented as initial activities of project “Strengthening the institutional and social response to gender based violence in BiH”. Project is financed and supported by Embassy of the Netherlands in BiH, implemented by Inbrod 1 foundation with involved local CSOs partners in the municipalities of Livno, Grahovo, Gornji Vakuf-Uskoplje, Derventa and Bosanski Brod.

Project aims at raising the awareness of the citizens in targeted rural areas with regards to the prevention of gender based violence, intimate partner violence  and domestic violence as well as to strengthen institutional mechanisms for protection victims of violence.

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