Social and emotional learning as a tool to support growth and development of preschool children

Preschool education plays an important role in the social, emotional and cognitive development of children. At the early age of every child’s life, social and emotional learning (SEL) is of great importance for understanding and managing emotions, empathy, establishing healthy and secure relationships with parents and the world around them.

However, children’s social and emotional learning is often out of focus, and this hinders growth and development especially for children growing up in an insecure, unstable environment, poverty, for children witnessing domestic violence, parental mental health problems such as PTSD, problems with addiction, etc., which additionally burdens and reduces their developmental capacities, and thus reduces further life opportunities.

As the preschool age represent a critical developmental period for the development and adoption of basic social and emotional skills, this project introduces this topic through a series of practical tools in preschool education with the aim of contributing to the overall healthy growth and development of children.

The project includes approximately 100 preschool children, 50 parents and 20 educators in preschool institutions. The project is financially supported by the City of Banja Luka, and estimated duration of the project is 5 months.

During the project a handbook for preschool teachers and parents has been developed: Priručnik za razvoj socijalno-emocionalnog učenja kod djece predškolskog uzrasta