Association Leptir, Bugojno

Leptir BugojnoEleven years old boy has started to act in a strange way and to express a big fear from separation from mother, and he has started to avoid school. He did not have good communication with the teacher who unconsciously encouraged psychological and verbal violence by classmates. That was a reason for a boy to change the school, where the new environment was introduced with these difficulties, and classmates were prepared to accept him cordially. Workshops from the project “Stop peer violence” were organised in the new class and children were introduced with the importance of understanding persons who are different in their behaviour from the others, and how important it is to accept and support all children in the class. The boy is now regularly attending the classes, he does not have problems with the teacher and classmates and he improved his success in school, and now he is saying “I love football and different games because I can play with my friends then”.