Orhideja, Stolac

Orhideja, StolacSeven-year old girl was facing a lot of challenges when she arrive to the Center. She was neglected in every aspect: she didn’t speak local language since she grew up abroad, she had problems with socialization and good behaviour, and she had no hygiene habits. She didn’t know how to hold a pencil and she had no fine motor skills developed for drawing or writing. She learned local language through various workshops and demonstrations, then she learned rules of good behaviour and hygiene while she was attending the Center. Work with the psychologist helped her to improve her self-esteem, socialization and good behaviour. After attending activities in the daily Center, the results are very visible: she can attend the school with no problems, her colleagues accepted her, she has developed good hygiene habits, and she knows how to behave in a group and with adults. She likes to play with her colleagues and she would like to become a hairdresser.