Establishing Family Group Conferencing in the Child Protection System in Republika Srpska and Tuzla Canton

IN Foundation – a foundation for social inclusion of children and youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina in cooperation with UNICEF, Bosnia and Herzegovina, implements the “Establishing Family Group Conference in the Child Protection System in Republika Srpska and Tuzla Canton” project, since October 2019.

The Project aims to educate 340 school staff members to apply the family group conference model within the educational system in order to enhance child protection. The Project also aims to support school professionals in applying this approach in their work with children and their parents. Participants from 45 primary and 9 secondary schools in the Republic of Srpska, as well as 9 primary schools from Tuzla Canton, were trained about the model during the first project period.

Additional trainings for new school staff are planned in the upcoming period. Moreover, during the implementation of Family Group Conferencing, school professionals working with the children and their families will receive direct intervision support, as well as additional education related to topics of recognizing traumatic experiences in children and a systematic approach in working with families.

The project is implemented with the approval of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Srpska as well as the Pedagogical Institute of the Republic of Srpska.