Mutual efforts to more effective protection of victims of gender based violence

Mayor of Derventa municipality, Mr. Milorad Simić, on behalf of the local community, has signed an agreement on cooperation and joint measures of the relevant institutions, bodies and organizations involved in the effective implementation of the protection of victims of domestic violence and violence against women in partner relations. This event was organized within the two and half year project “Strengthening the institutional and social response to gender based violence against women and young people in BiH”, supported by the Dutch Embassy through Matra project.

– The project is divided into two phases, first phase is the direct work in local communities, with women, men, children in the area of the municipalities of Derventa and Brod. The second part includes work with institutions that are supposed to create their own multi-sectoral teams and also to adequately respond to requests for assistance to the victims of violence. Today we have formally signed an agreement with all those who should be actively involved in providing assistance, said Branka Ivanović, executive director of In Foundation, an organization for improving inclusion of children and youth in BiH.

Partner organization of In Foundation in Derventa municipality, is the Association of women “Derventa”. 

Based on Law on domestic violence, we take the opportunity to sign an agreement with the relevant authorities and institutions in order to provide efficient assistance and identify the victims of violence in families and intimate relationships. Our goal is to operate at local level in order to effectively identify what the problems are when it comes to this type of violence and to intervene more effectively. We are signing this agreement with the relevant institutions such as the health center, police, CSW, educational institutions, with the assistance of the local community, without which we could not achieve all this, said Jovanka Popović, a member of the association.

So far, we carried out several activities within this project. First of all we have already conducted an initial base-line survey, which will be combined with the end-line survey later to reveal the results of the implementation of this multiyear project, that will be followed by activities in larger rural communities of Osinja and Liješće, workshops with primary and secondary school-age children, and conferences for teachers and school professionals when it comes to this topic. In the following period we will work on strengthening the capacity of the multi-sectoral team and gathering of experts in this area to respond better to the challenges we meet when it comes to domestic violence, it was said at the meeting.